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I'm not entirely sure why you need to know, but...

What do you really need to know about me? Well, I'm a traveler in the human experience, trying to sort it out, just like everyone else. I've had some good stuff and some bad stuff happen along the way. Recently I decided to upend my life and try something new. This blog chronicles my thoughts as that "something" unfolds.

I suppose, for context, it may be helpful to know that I'm a middle-aged white woman in the U.S., originally raised in the midwest -- I'm sure I can never fully comprehend all the privilege that affords, but I try to keep it in mind. My career the past twenty years has been as a veterinarian (I talk about that a bit), mostly in Alaska, where I married then divorced. I have no kids, just dogs. 

Although I hate the word, this blog is just about my journey as I try to reinvent myself in the middle of my life.

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