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Starting in the Middle

Oh, hello! Didn’t see you standing there. Have you been there long? You have? Damn, what time is it? Oh, look at that. Already November. How’d that happen?

Well, never mind, there’s lots of catching up to do, isn’t there. We’re sort of starting in the middle, which I suppose will end up being easier than having started at the end. But then I’m ahead of myself, while also being behind. Hmm.

I’ve been meaning to write, you see. All along. Each step of the way. Chronicling my thoughts and ideas as I go. But instead I’ve been so busy with the actual “going” that I just sort of haven’t had the time.

And there’s also a bit of technology to these things nowadays, isn’t there. We have to learn “platforms” and “embedded gifs” and all sorts of new skills. All assuming we’ve got good bandwidth wherever inspiration strikes us.

Some years ago I had a professor who was brilliant but eccentric, his mind always racing. His office hours were mostly the students racing along with him as he jumped from one topic to the next. You could really learn a lot if you could only keep up with the pace. The start of this blog might be a bit like that, starting in the middle and me trying to backtrack and explain how I got to where I am, then, hopefully, where I’m going, as I go. As I haven’t yet learned to travel back in time (on my “To Do” list), this is going to have to suffice.

I’ll just say this: it hasn’t been easy, at least so far. There haven’t been any epiphanies or major revelations. Perhaps that’s a lot to ask in the past six months during which time I’ve: quit my job, moved in with a friend while I sold my house, moved myself & two dogs & belongings from one state (Alaska) to another (Oregon), started a new job, rented a house which I didn’t like, then bought a house here.... You might see why I haven’t had time to write. Until now.

Still, this has been a very thinky time for me. And, in case you’re also considering upheaving your life (that's a word, right?), maybe some of these thoughts will be interesting to you. Perhaps some will even resonate. Maybe some will confirm your darkest fears or alternatively your wildest hopes. Or perhaps you just want to sit on the sidelines and watch the spectacle unfold. Don’t forget the popcorn.


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